Wedding Registry

Looking to buy a gift from a couple’s wedding registry? Click on a picture below to view that couples gift registry and purchase a gift for them. When you purchase a gift, you can add a message for the couple. The couple will be notified of your purchase and will receive your included message.

Looking to create your own registry? Learn more here about how the process works , register and get started!


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Registry Set Up


Mazal tov- you’re getting married!

Now the fun begins- stocking your new home with the items you want and need. 4U has the experience and knowledge to help make the process of creating a wedding registry easy. Here’s how it works:

 Where do I begin?  Simply fill in the registry form. On the form, you can choose to create the registry on your own online or make an appointment to come into the store and work with our team of registry experts. Whatever you choose, we’re always available by phone or email to answer any questions you have.

Welcome to the 4U family! After you register, you’ll receive a welcome email with initial information about creating your registry.

But how many dessert spoons do I really need?! 4U works with numerous name brands and carries thousands of items. Don’t be overwhelmed- we have 30 years of experience helping couples create registries and we’re here to help you! Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide the individual service we’re known for so your registry meets your specific needs.

How do I let my guests know? Once your registry is created and activated, time to let family and friends know what you want! We will forward you an email with a link to your specific registry which you can share with your guests. Additionally, we can provide you with inserts to include with your invitations welcoming people to purchase gifts from your registry.

Here come the presents! Each time a gift is purchased , you’ll receive an email with details and any messages the purchaser left for you. You can manage your gifts and thank you replies via your online 4U account.

We danced, hugged hundreds of people, smiled for thousands of pictures. Now what? Mazal tov! The wedding is over. Time to pick up the gifts. You’ll review the gifts that were purchased and place a final order of items. You are not obligated to keep purchased items; you can use the gift value and select other items we carry online. We offer this flexibility to all our couples because we believe that half a set of dishes or cutlery will hardly be useful when they require a full set. Load up the car, go home, enjoy unpacking and filling your shelves. Don’t forget: We want a picture of the first cake you make which requires using your new dessert spoons!