Recommended to all my to all my Engaged Friends

Setting up a home in a foreign country is no simple feat. I found 4u gifts through another family member and am so glad I went with them. The service and patience I received when choosing all my dishes and gadgets is truly unforgettable. I recommend 4u to all my friends who get engaged and recommend it to you too!
באהבה, טובה רינה וחנניה שיף

Testimonial By: Tova Rina Schiff

Love Shopping At 4U

Thanks so much. This was so easy and I love shopping at your store on Derech Chevron, whenever we are in Jerusalem.

Shana Tova


Testimonial By: Hana
Great Service

Great Service

We highly recommend 4U Gifts for your wedding registry. We absolutely love our fully stocked kitchen with high-quality products all from 4U Gifts. Such great service from the warm staff and super easy for guests to purchase gifts online. It's really a win-win for any couple getting married in Israel.

Testimonial By: Paz & Gideon Beychok
A Lot of Fun

A Lot of Fun

4U Gifts was an incredibly helpful place when it came to receiving wedding presents, not only from our friends and family from abroad, but from within Israel too.
For starters, they have a huge selection of beautiful international products that I couldn't seem to find anywhere in Israel. Thanks to the store and the generosity of our guests, we were able to fully fit our kitchen and dining room with all of the things a new couple needs to start their new life together. We are also big hosts and have already gotten so many compliments from guests on all of our beautiful serving ware.
We highly recommend registering with 4U Gifts and working with Sarah along the way is a lot of fun. She makes the experience stress-free and exciting, which often doesn't happen when we're talking about wedding planning!

Testimonial By: Shayna & David Muller

Furnished Our Apartment in Jerusalem

Dear Sarah,

We cannot thank you enough for helping us set up our new apartment in Jerusalem!!
Your one-stop shopping experience was an absolute pleasure.
You were patient, trustworthy and very customer friendly.
And what a wide range of various products at different price points!
We hesitated whether or not to buy our dishes and kitchen essentials in Israel or have it shipped from the States. From the minute we walked into your store, we knew our answer!
We enjoyed getting to know Sarah and will surely recommend 4U Gifts to all of our friends.

Testimonial By: Tammi & Bennett S

Very Helpful

Dear Wonderful 4U Gifts Staff,

From the beginning of the registry process you have been so helpful to us. You walked us through the process over the phone and enabled us to register without even walking into the store.
Along the way you updated us once each gift was received and not only sent us the message that came with the gift, but wrote it down for us to always have.
Once it came time for us to retrieve the items, you welcomed us with advice of what would be useful to have and which was the best quality.
On top of all that, you really paid attention to us and presented us with the perfect gift of a matching bowl to our set.
Thank you so much from both of us!

Testimonial By: Rafi & Benjy Brandwein
Favorite Shop in Jerusalem

Favorite Shop in Jerusalem

4U Gifts is my favorite shop in Jerusalem. From the wedding gift that’s beautiful, practical and enduring, through Chanukah toys that are stimulating, aesthetic and fun, to the perfect spatula (that has to be a Yiddish word ... ), Sarah and her team have it all. And that’s before the outstanding service and the warm hello when you walk through the door. Amazon can’t beat all that.

Testimonial By: Dr. Diana Lipton (author of From Forbidden Fruit to Milk and Honey: A Commentary on Food in the Torah)

Highly Recommended

Highly recommend!! We had such a wonderful and easy experience :) A huge joy to work with, made a registry in Israel easy (I didn't think it would be possible), we got everything that we needed at the best quality! Perfect for any bride and groom starting a home :)

much love - :)

Testimonial By: Rebekah & Benjamin Levie
Great Experience

Great Experience

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your kind and quick service. When we had an issue with one of the items from our registry you gladly replaced it and were very helpful. The experience of shopping in your store has been extremely pleasant.
Thanks again

Testimonial By: Avi & Atara Narrow- Tilonsky

Great Quality - Even After 10 Years

We are about to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of marriage and four children and all of the gifts from 4U Gifts are still in perfect condition and used every day - our milk and meat set, our Shabbat set, all our cutlery, our 'beautiful' pieces (Alessi bowl, salad servers, and Shabbat bowls) and our very well used excellent quality pots and pans. My advice - nothing beats excellent quality for pots and pans, buy the plate sets you think are beautiful and get lots of teaspoons!

Testimonial By: Lisa Peled

Easy Shopping Experience

Ordering from 4U Gifts was definitely the easiest shopping experience I have had. I entered the site, found the bride's name, clicked through the registry and within 5 minutes I was done! I received a clear confirmation of my purchase, a speedy reply to a question I had, lovely customer service and no parking hassle! In short-easy, pleasant and efficient. Thank you so much for offering this convenient service :)

Testimonial By: Camille

Thank you

לקרן, שרה, דינה ודניאלה היקרות,
במשך שנים רבות מצאתי את עצמי מבקר בחנותכם המיוחדת והכל כך נעימה , מאירת הפנים והסבר. מצאתי כאן ב"פור יו מתנות", אוסף פריטים לעיצוב וכלי בית שעברו סינון ובחירה פונקציונלית על ידכם. האוסף המוצג בחנותכם ניכר, בן ברמה אסתטית יופי, לעיצוביות ובן גם פונקציונאליות. ואף איכות יצור וחומרים מהגבוהות הקיימות במדינתנו.

אין לי ספק שממש כמוני, מי שאכן ערכי העיצוב ויצירת סביבה בעלת נעימות ושקט, ואף קורנת במרחב המחייה הביתי כמו גם בתרבות האירוח ואף דימון, עושר נמצאות כאן ב"פור יו מתנות" אפשרויות יצירתיות מגוונות וישמח כמוני להגיע באופן קבוע לחנות הזו שכל כך מפתיעה תמיד לטובה, ושמצליחה למלא לבנו בשמחה אמיתת כל פעם מחדש מצרך שכל כך חסר במדינתנו.

Dearest Karen, Sarah, Dina and Daniella-
For many years I have been visiting your unique and pleasant store. I have found at 4U Gifts a collection of beautifully designed items and housewares that have been specially chosen for sale by the staff. The items are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. They are of the highest quality and materials to be found in our country.

I have no doubt that just like myself- people who value great design; people looking to create a pleasant surrounding and a living space that can be utilized for hospitality- you will find at 4U Gifts a wide range of items and possibilities for purchase. As I like to do, you'll happily revisit the store and be pleasantly surprised at the range of products available. This store always fills my heart with joy!

Testimonial By: Dr. Doron Kaufman

Unique Service

I was seeking a particular Alessi item that had gone out of production. Enquiries from the Importer in Australia and also the parent company in Italy confirmed that no more stock was available. While browsing the Web, I came across 4U Gifts, and noticed they had a large range of Alessi products (though not the one I was seeking). I contacted Sarah to ask if she could get what I wanted, and she was able to source it within a short time.

From there we completed the purchase and the item was carefully wrapped and forwarded to me via Registered mail. I can only give the highest commendation for Sarah & 4U Gifts for the professionalism and diligence shown me, and I definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for high quality giftware.

Testimonial By: Serge