Sample Registry

Furnishing your new home can be a bit daunting. Thousands of items to choose from and ensuring you have enough of what you need.

4U’s team of registry experts have worked with hundreds of couples to help them create a registry of items they want and need for their new home. Based on that experience, we have created two checklists which you can view and download to help get you started:

Registry Checklist: This is a checklist of all the items we recommend that you add to your registry. Each category is broken down in fine detail and where applicable, the number for each item has been added. For example, just how many wine glasses should you have? (Our recommendation: A lot!)

Sample Registry: This is a gift list one of our recently married couples created. They came into the store, met with our registry experts and together we built their registry. Once the registry was online, they sent the link to family and friends so they could purchase gifts.

Ready to create your registry? Let's get started!