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Exchanges & Returns

4U Gifts works with couples to make sure they receive the gifts that were ordered and that they chose. We also ensure that gift buyers are fully satisfied with their purchase.

There are times when an item needs to be exchanged or returned. Please see below for our policies regarding exchanges, returns and cancellations.



4U allows couples, after their wedding, to exchange gifts purchased from their registry for other gifts we carry online. They can use the gift value and select other items. We offer this flexibility to all our couples because we believe that half a set of dishes or cutlery will hardly be useful when they require a full set.

This may mean that the gift you selected and purchased for a couple is not one they chose to take home. Please know that the couple is aware of your original purchase; they received a message detailing your order along with any message you may have sent them.



When couples come to the store to pick up their registry items, we open up all items to make sure they are intact. When that is not possible, we advise couples to open presents a few days after picking them up to make sure there are no broken or faulty items.

If a product you purchased or received is broken, faulty or damaged, it can be returned within 7 days and will be replaced. Please call us ASAP to let us know there’s a problem. The product must be in its original packaging and unused.

The item needs to be brought to our Jerusalem store and we will replace it on the spot. If you wish, we can give you equal value store credit instead of a replacement. Please call ahead of your store visit to let us know what you’re returning so we can check and ensure the product is in stock.

Please note: Gift certificates are non-refundable. Additionally, customized products or special orders cannot be exchanged or returned.



If you purchased a gift but wish to cancel your order, you can do so up to 7 days after your purchase. We will credit your credit card. However, if you purchased a gift for someone or a couple and they have already picked up the gift, we cannot cancel and refund your purchase.

If you purchase an item from a wedding registry and then cancel the order, we will inform the couple of the cancellation.