About 4U Gifts

Our Mission

Since its establishment in Jerusalem in 1987, 4U Gifts provides exclusive gifts for its clientele while creating a family friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and is able to find what they want and need.

Our Story

In 1987, Pepe Kohen opened the 4U Gifts store in order to bring the good things in life to Jerusalem and beyond. She created a store where the customer service was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She built up a wide range of tasteful, beautiful, fun and practical things that make great gifts or great items for the home.

Since then, the store has grown, a vibrant ecommerce site has been added and Israel’s first wedding registry was established to help new couples receive gifts they need and would use. The store is currently owned by Sarah Weinstein and all products are carefully selected and hand chosen by the 4U team of Sarah, Karen and Deena. The current team has kept intact the original vision that Pepe created: a family atmosphere, with exclusive gifts, serving satisfied customers.

Our Values

Pleasant. Efficient. Convenient. Impeccable taste. Total honesty. Warmth. Good humor. Helpful. Diligence. Professionalism. Trustworthy. Customer friendly.

These are some of the terms our customers use to describe our team and our interactions with them. Our staff is close-knit and always happy to help, whether in the store, on the phone or via email. We are committed to great service and helping you find what you need. We couple our vast knowledge of the thousands of products we carry with a love of helping others and that has allowed us to establish a faithful clientele.

Our Products

You would be hard pressed to find such a wide variety of beautiful china, cookware, glassware, toys and gifts in one place. The wide range of products we carry mean we can meet each customer’s individual needs. Many of our products are exclusive and our clientele know they will receive quality products that will last for many years.

Our team has partnered with countless couples to help them furnish their new homes. When couples open a registry with 4U, we work with them to choose gifts that will fit their lifestyle and meet their needs both now and in the future.

4U Gifts now carries a wide range of eco-friendly toys, for babies, toddlers and children up to age 9. 4U is the only store in Israel to carry these products and we are working to expand our current selection.

Our Commitment

We are committed to

  • ensuring that purchased items at 4U Gifts are classy, quality and long lasting.
  • providing friendly service coupled with a knowledgeable staff
  • being part of the growth of Jerusalem, our home for over 30 years
  • carrying products that you can use throughout your home


“My favorite part of the day is helping our clients. I enjoy it when they leave with a smile after finding what they need. Every day at 4U is different, whether it be helping people, buying new and exciting products or solving problems for clients. I very much look forward to going to work each and every day!” – Sarah Weinstein