With the use of platinum silicone, Lékué, a company based in Spain, designs useful and fun cooking products.

Lékué Small Multifunction Lid

Lékué Small Multifunction...

Silicone lid fits on any small pot, bowl, or container.
Lékué Medium Multifunction Lid

Lékué Medium Multifunction...

Silicone lid fits on any medium pot, bowl, or container.
Lékué Lg. Rectangular Multifunction Lid

Lékué Lg. Rectangular...

Lg. Silicone lid, 41x29cm. Perfect for covering a casserolse, lasagna or quiche!
Lékué Silicone Steamer with Tray

Lékué Silicone Steamer with...

Large silicone covered steam case with tray for cooking fish or vegetables in the...
Lékué Cooking Mesh

Lékué Cooking Mesh

Silicone cooking mesh- allows easy removal of food or herbs from pot.
Lékué Baking Sheet

Lékué Baking Sheet

Silicone Baking sheet- the rim prevents spills and the sheet rolls up easily to save...
Lékué Decopen 4 Nozzles

Lékué Decopen 4 Nozzles

With the Decopen you can add design and flavour to all your dishes- Mix your...